The arrival of autumn is a sure sign chilling temperatures are right around the corner. This is the time people store away shorts and swimsuits in favor of sweaters and coats. They also begin the task of winterizing their homes, but people often overlook one crucial area – windows. Ironically, windows are the biggest problem with heat loss in the winter.
Inspect the Windows

A simple way to check for any drafts is a smoke test. Ideally, wait for a windy day and cautiously pass a candle or incense stick around the frame to pinpoint any troublesome drafts. If a problem is found, one should look into have the window sashes, stiles, channels and rails cleaned. Even if there isn’t a draft, window quilt shades will help lock out the cold and keep the home nice and toasty.

Check the Weather-strip

Weather-stripping is designed to form a barrier between the exterior and interior of one’s home. Sometimes, though, some forms of weather-stripping will dry out and crumble, allowing heat to escape out of the window. If an inspection reveals this is the case, one should replace the stripping before the first day of winter. Investing in solar screen shades is a good idea, too, specifically when they serve as perfection insulation for windows.

Window Caulking

Even the best window caulk can fall prey to extreme temperatures over the years. This can lead to bad drafts and serious heat loss. If one discovers the caulk around the window frame is deteriorating, one should have a professional caulk the windows. Inquiring about having window quilt shades installed isn’t a bad idea either, the extra protection ensuring the house will stay warm and the energy bills will remain manageable.

Chipped or Broken Windows

As much as homeowners dread a broken window, it will eventually happen. However, the last thing one wants to do is put off having the glass repaired, particularly when the crack allows cold air into the house. Even after the window is repaired, one should consider an extra layer of protection against the cold. Solar screen shades help insulate the house by locking the cold out and keep the heat in without blocking out the lovely winter scene just outside one’s window.

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