If you own a retractable awning, you want to keep it in the best shape possible. After all, it is outdoors, and exposed to the elements constantly: from rain to dirt to storms to outdoor animals like birds and squirrels. Check out these tips for maintaining your retractable awning and keeping it looking great and in tip-top shape.

Use Commercial Awning Cleaners

When you find that you have a stain on your awning or there is mildew on it, use a commercial cleaner that is created for awning fabrics. Spraying the inside and outside with the cleaner, rolling it, and letting it sit distributes the cleaner over the fabric surface, letting it work its way in. Then open after a while and rinse the fabric with a hose.

Inspect Retractable Awnings For Mildew or Stains When First Opening

When you open your retractable awning for the first time after storing it, inspect the fabric to make sure there isn’t any mildew or stains. Awnings do develop mildew so prevent dirt from being embedded in the fabric by rinsing it with a hose. Avoid scrubbing, which can remove the water-resistant finish.


Make Sure There Aren’t Any Tears

It’s always good to check your awning fabric for any signs of ¬†wear or tears. If necessary you can find materials to patch or repair the fabric, preventing any further damage.

Avoid Storing While Wet

If you store your retractable awning while it is wet, you run the risk of it developing mildew or having the material on it rot. Always make sure it is dry on both sides before storing.

Store In Travel Mode

When you are leaving the site, always store your retractable awning in travel position. Don’t leave your awning out unattended, and it will be fine.

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  1. I had no idea that you should check your awning for mildew or stains. We have wanted to get an awning for our backyard for a while now, and just didn’t know what to get. I will be sure to remember that if we end up buying one.

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