When deciding on window treatments, one of the main concerns is how it will compliment your home. However window treatments can go a long way when it comes to cooling your home down. That’s where solar shades come in, not only are solar screen shades an attractive option, but they can reduce your cooling bills by up to 40%. Read on to see how solar screen shades can benefit your home!

How do Solar Shades Work

Solar screens can either be installed on the interior or exterior of your home or business. Made from open-weave textiles, solar screen shades block out the sun’s rays while still allowing light to pass through. This allows for natural sunlight to still permeate your home, just without all the heat. By blocking out the sun’s rays before they enter your home, solar screen shades can reduce your interior temperature by up to 20 degrees, saving you up to 40% on your cooling bill.

Are Solar Screen Shades Right for My Home?

Solar screen shades can be a great addition for any home. Solar shading systems can be a great addition for any room in your home. Solar screen shades do a lot more than cool down your home. Solar shades are a great option for privacy and also prevents the fading of your interior. You should definitely consider installing solar screen shades if you live in a sunny area, or experience scalding summers.

At Conservation Concepts we provide comfortable and sustainable solutions for your shading and natural lighting needs. Serving both homes and businesses in the Central Pennsylvania area, see what we can do for you! Schedule a free no-obligation consultation today!

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