Owning a home is expensive particularly when you include all of the costs of ownership including the mortgage payments and utilities, as well as all of the associated maintenance costs. Not only are there utility costs but also constant renovations and year to year maintenance that is part of being a home owner. Finding ways to save money without scrimping on the beauty and functionality of your home can be challenging but is not impossible given the right installations.

One option for your home that can provide you with a big advantage in energy efficiency and beauty is a sky light. Sky lights are commonly installed in bathrooms and kitchens, but really work well in any room. Now I realize that you may be thinking that a sky light was traditionally a big waste of energy as it was thought that a lot of heat escapes through the sky light. While that may have been true at one time, it is no longer the case. Modern day sky lights are designed to conserve energy and are energy star certified containing energy efficient double glass paneled fittings that prevent the loss of heat during the winter but allow sunlight to get into your home. Sunlight, of course, helps to heat up your home the old fashion way and with no added cost. Sky lights are therefore an efficient way to reduce energy costs and do something good for the environment as well as for your wallet.

Beyond the cost savings, sky lights have the advantage of being a beautiful and special addition to your home. Natural light adds significantly to any room it is in and is much better than the artificial light from light bulbs. Beyond the heating cost savings you can also avoid the usage of electricity which can further help you to save on your energy costs.

While there is a cost of installing sky lights in your home and that cost is by no means inconsequential, you will make up for the cost many times over with the installation of sky lights. And you will, of course, have a nicer home as a result. The cost savings and beauty added to your home is a no brainer as a home renovation that will pay off dividends for years to come.

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