With fall almost upon us, it’s nearly time to say goodbye to summer and the time you spend outside under your retractable awning. However, without proper care, it’s possible that your awning can suffer significant damage in the colder months – rendering it unusable for the next summer. Luckily with some simple preparation, you can ensure that your retractable awning will last for years to come. Here’s how you can prepare your retractable awning for fall and winter. 

Deep Clean Your Awning Fabric

Your awning works hard to protect you and your family from the sun and rain – and by the end of summer, it’s pretty likely that your awning fabric has seen better days. The first step to preparing your awning for the colder seasons is a deep clean. You can start this process by brushing off any leaves, dirt and debris from the awning fabric and rinsing the fabric off with a hose. After the fabric is thoroughly wet, you can use warm soapy water along with a soft-bristled brush to give your awning fabric a thorough scrub. Then rinse and repeat until clean.

Give Your Awning Frame some Attention

When it comes to retractable awnings, maintenance of your awning frame is crucial to ensuring that your retractable awning can extend and retract properly. To make sure your awning frame continues to operate properly, all it takes is some simple maintenance. While your awning fabric is drying, wipe the frame down with a soft cloth, a mild cleaner can be used for any stains or other gunk your retractable awning frame has accumulated. It’s also important to examine the hardware of your frame to make sure they are secure and free of rust.

Let Your Awning Fabric Dry Thoroughly

Before reattaching your awning fabric or putting it away for storage, you should make sure that the fabric is completely dry. Mold and mildew growth is detrimental to your awning fabric so you should always let it dry out naturally in the sun before putting it away. If you are storing the fabric in a separate location, you should always make sure that the area is dry and free of moisture.

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