Skylights are literally windows in the roof. They allow you to bring a bit of blue sky into your home. At night they can display the majesty of the stars and the moon. Skylights provide the interior of your home with the warmth and brightness of natural daylight. They enliven the house dramatically, while cutting down the need for artificial light. They can also provide needed ventilation. Most people install skylights because they want to brighten up their space with natural lighting. However, when adding an extra window, you are also adding another place for heat to escape. Skylights have the potential to cause drafts. They can let heat in during the summer months and can allow precious heat to escape during the winter months.

A skylight in a roof of a house will typically lose thirty five to forty five percent more heat during colder weather than the exact same window on the side of a house. That is because heated air rises. As the warm air in the house rises it comes in contact with the cold surface of the skylight. The air is cooled and falls forming a draft loop and causing a cooling effect of the room.  Cellular shades and solar blinds offer many versatile options to minimize heat loss.

Solar blinds are the perfect solution for skylights to continue to let the light in without letting the heat out The fabric has an energy-efficient aluminum coating on the exterior side that acts as a heat barrier, increasing energy efficiency by up to 20% and reducing your heating costs due to better natural climate control. Conservation Concepts has been on the forefront of the sustainable energy movement and has many ways to cut your heating and cooling costs and save you money.

Conservation Concepts has been providing Central Pennsylvania with conservation products and services since 1980. They are locally owned and serve both residential and commercial customers. They offer practical and comfortable solutions to all of your shading and lighting needs for your home or business. Contact them today for more information on an energy saving plan for your home or business.

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