With summer fast approaching, it’s expected for your energy bill to go up. However, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to stay cool and comfortable. These clever tricks can help you slash your cooling bill and keep your cool.

Avoid the Stove

Using kitchen appliances such as a stove or oven can greatly increase the temperature inside your house, especially in the areas surrounding the kitchen. You can greatly reduce indoor heat by cooking outside, on the grill, eating cool foods, or ordering takeout.

Run a fan

A great cost-effective way to reduce your cooling bill is by running a fan simultaneously with your air conditioning unit. This works in two ways. While an air conditioner removes the heat from the air, fans help evaporate sweat and moves heat away from your body and create a wind chill effect, which can make you feel six or seven degrees cooler.

Block the sun

The best way to save money in the summer is to block the heat from getting into your house in the first place. Investing in your shading systems will greatly pay off in the long run. The proper awning and window treatments can greatly reduce heat gain in your house by up to 45%, drastically saving you money on cooling costs. Consider lighter colors for your treatments; the lighter the hue, the better they’ll deflect the sun’s rays.

To get the most out of your window treatments, hang shades, blinds, and other window treatments as close to your windows as possible them to optimize their effectiveness.

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