At Conservation Concepts we can provide you with three season’s worth of protection for your deck, patio, or terrace with our stationary fabric or aluminum awnings.

stationary-awningsStationary awnings are great for when you want permanent protection from the elements and do not need or desire the option of retraction. Perfect for poolside fun, an outdoor barbeque or a family gathering, stationary awnings provide the right amount of shade to stay cool in the summer and also protect against sudden rainstorms.

Enhance your Deck or Patio

All of your design needs are taken into account when you choose the stationary awnings you want to add to your property. This is your new space, a living environment that reflects you and your good taste and allows you to enjoy a whole new space with a simple addition to the outside of your home. Instead of adding a whole new room to your home, you can simply add a covering that will protect you, your furniture and any outdoor appliances. A stationary awning from Conservation Concepts, Inc., allows you to enjoy the outdoors at your convenience while preserving that beautiful view. An incredible array of colors and materials are at your disposal that will attractively complement your home and show off your design skills by adding another comfortable living space to your property. By acquiring a stationary patio awning from Conservation Concepts, Inc., you are creating an oasis that has the feel of indoor comfort with the fresh air of the outdoors. Your guests will love the safe, dry, and shaded area that has been provided for them as well.

Benefits of Installing an Awning

Stationary awnings can go just about anywhere, including over windows and doors. Cut down on energy costs simply by adding stationary awnings to all of your windows. That way excessive heat will not get into your home, and you can protect your family from harmful UV rays. Running the air conditioner less means saving money almost immediately – sounds like a no-brainer! Any awning you install from Conservation Concepts, Inc. will inevitably increase the property value of your home. Stationary awnings are especially appealing because they require little to no effort; no retraction is necessary. Here at Conservation Concepts we strive to provide only the best in both retractable awnings and stationary awnings for the home and business. If you are interested in an awning for your home, give us a call!