At Conservation Concepts, we also offer side shades, or horizontal awnings, that offer shade from the side or for privacy. Homes and commercial establishments can benefit tremendously from having side shades installed. Aside from improving the look of your building, side shades are functional in that they protect your interior from the harmful rays of the sun.

side shadesSide shades can make the most out of any outdoor space without resorting to erecting costly permanent fixtures. Many homeowners leave their outdoor space unused because of intense sunlight during the day. However, with this type of covering, homeowners can enjoy shade during the daytime while protecting both outdoor and indoor furniture pieces.When side shades are installed above windows, some manufacturers claim that indoor heat can be reduced to as much as 20 percent. This is especially beneficial during hot summer months. The view from a window will not be spoiled however, as a side shade just controls direct sunlight from entering the home, unlike window blinds which significantly darken a room.

This ability to reduce indoor heat allows you to use energy more efficiently. There’s no need to rely heavily on fans or air conditioners to keep indoor temperature comfortable. Such an economical fixture can help keep monthly electric bills to a minimum. Whether you are looking for a certain kind of awning, canopy, or side shade, Conservation Concepts has it all. Give us a call today and see how we can help you to shade your home, save on energy bills and prepare for the future.